Screen Door Repairs

Screen door repairs come in all shapes and sizes. Your door may not be closing properly, missing screen, in need of new hardware or just broken beyond repair. We can take care of any of these issues and have your screen door back to new in no time.

The most common issue with a screen door not closing properly is the latches and locks. A simple replacement of the door hardware will solve this problem. Another critical part of screen door repairs comes in when the concrete or pavers have settled. This will make the screen door uneven and hard to open and close. Again, this can be a simple repair by just readjusting the hinges and raising or lowering the door. There may be times where the door will just have to be completely replaced due to damage to the door and frame itself.

Screen door repairs

Your screen door plays an important part in your enclosure by keeping bugs and unwanted visitors out. If your screen door is showing any of these signs of damage, give us a call and let Clermont Pool Screen Repair get your door back in working order.